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  Guangdong Province is located in the southernmost part of China’s mainland, facing the South China Sea and neighboring Hong Kong and Macau, with beautiful landscape and pleasant weather.

  Guangdong, also known as “Canton (Yue)”, boasts a long history. As a famous cultural city with a history over 2,200 years, the capital city, Guangzhou, is also the starting point of the the ancient Maritime Silk Road. Since the Reform and Opening Up of China, Guangdong has witnessed a rapid economic and social development,with springing up of the miracle of Shenzhen. The economic aggregate of Guangdong has successively exceeded that of Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, three of the “Four Asian Tigers”. Today, Guangdong is one of the regions in China that boast the most developed economy, the most vigorous market and the most attractive investment destination. Guangzhou and Shenzhen stand side by side with Beijing and Shanghai as the global metropolitans in China. Nowadays, Guangdong is burgeoning energy for future innovation and development.

  Currently, Guangdong is accelerating the pace in shifting its driving forces for development and furthering industrial transformation and upgrade. Guangdong is actively rolling out a new round of high-level opening up to create a more globalized and convenient business environment that is better governed by the rule of law, further relax the threshold restrictions for foreign capital access to industries such as services and manufacturing, and grant greater support to high-level professionals to start their own businesses in Guangdong. Meanwhile, the province spares no effort in building the Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone into a gateway hub with a high level of opening up, joins hand with Hong Kong and Macau to promote the development of world-class city clusters in the Pearl River Delta region and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay Area, and boosts the development of the Greater-Pearl River Delta Economic Region. All these efforts ensure greater potential for enterprises both at home and abroad to start up business and develop in Guangdong.

  Guangdong is the place where the Cantonese culture was born and prospers and where China's Reform and Opening Up first started. People who live here are inclusive, practical, open-minded and innovative. Guangdong is not only an attractive destination for investment but also an ideal place for living. Standing at the new historical starting point, we look forward to joining hands with friends from China and overseas countries and regions to start a new page of even greater success. We warmly welcome investors from home and abroad to Guangdong for mutually beneficial cooperation and a bright future!



  Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province

  April, 2017